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More than Indie Records since 2019 works on musical projects of all kinds, without barriers or limits.

Music speaks a universal language and MIR brings together artists and professionals at an international level, creating synergies between them and providing new possibilities and tools for collaboration.

From recording to publishing on the most important music streaming platforms, MIR wants to give voice to the music that doesn't have one yet.

A real alternative, the best artistic answer for your music is More than Indie Records.



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Marco Brovelli
“DonMarco” is the founder of the More Than Indie Records label and the creator of the Save the Music project. Beatlesian in the soul, as a bassist for years he has trod the stages together with various bands always supported by his Hofner basses, which today he proudly guards at the AStudio in Angera.


Pasquale Vitale
Resident sound engineer, Sound Engineer
Known in the world of EDM music as Vpasqal, since he was a boy he ventured into the world of production, inspired by big names like Chris Lord-Alge, Greg Wells and Luca Pretolesi. In 2016 he obtained a diploma in Audio Engineering from SAE in Milan and then moved to Angera, where he took care of the mix and mastered at the Studio. He Keeps updating the technical equipment, to stay up to date on new production and mixing methods.


Marco Tresca
Press office

Since 2019 he has collaborated with VareseNews and VerbanoNews, local newspapers for which he writes about basketball, literature and music. A distant past as a drummer, with some forays into synthesizers, have led him over the years to collect various records and vinyls, from the A of Arcade Fire ... to the Cyrillic alphabet.


Ricky Salerno
Drummer, Session man, Producer
Italian-American, renowned artist on the international scene as a drummer and percussionist. He has collaborated with the likes of Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, Hiram Bullock, Puff Daddy, Ricky Martin
And More ...

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Lele Pescia
Arranger, Sound Designer
A life of discovery and research of sound, he uses over thirty synthesizers during his live-sets. Attracted by the subtractive synthesis, studied by self-taught, he walks between experimentation, innovation and the great classics, with a vein of sweetness in particular for Pink Floyd. Tifoso del Toro and father of Leo, to whom he dedicated a composition. He lives with 2 cats and 127 goblins.


Davide Primiceri

Produttore Discografico Multiplatino con al suo attivo oltre 7.000.000 di copie vendute nel mondo , Autore e Compositore per le più importanti  etichette discografiche e varie collaborazioni con artisti del calibro di : Alberto Camerini, Francesco Facchinetti, i Pooh, Albano Carrisi, Sendy Marton, Max Pezzali, Enzo braschi, Ugo Conti, Anna Tatangelo, Francesca Lodo, Yuyu, Il Maestro Luciano Pavarotti, Finley e tanti altri.

Attualmente ricopre la carica di  A&R  in AStudio.

More than Indie Sicily

The active base on Lake Maggiore was also joined by a new operational structure in Sicily, in Bisacquino (Palermo), thanks to the collaboration with the producer and piano teacher Luigi Montalbano.


Luigi Montalbano
Music producer dedicated to arrangements and recordings of music. He is also a pianist, composer of his own unpublished classical and contemporary music. He has outstanding skills in selection and training of young emerging artists, also operating in Sicily as a talent scout.

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